"Compare the paintings of the leading representatives of our own present-day landscape school with the works of those who came before the advent of the blue haystack and the purple cow and it will be directly evident to what great extent we are indebted to Claude Monet."

~Leila Mechlin, journalist, 1926

Cassidy Culjat and Shelby Stephens

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Student Composed Text: 1200/1200 words

Process Paper: 500/500 words

Media: 3:59/4:00 minutes

Header Images: "Impression Sunrise", 1872, Claude Monet; "Water Lillies", 1906, Claude Monet; "Woman with a Parasol - Madame Monet and Her Son", 1875, Claude Monet; "The Cliff Walk at Pourville", 1882, Claude Monet.